sometimes i have a bad habit of being a little immature-but it's SOOOOOO fun!! for example, my old college sidekick and i used to think up good material we could use for our future tv show titled "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME"......well, the show never happened......however, today's blog is dedicated to the idea featuring BATHROOMS found on pinterest!

jewelry wall

i'm not kidding-here are some people's responses......
"The necklaces are a funky design touch"
" ......makes extra jewelry look cool."
"jewelry as wall art"

the happy homeowner's portrait

LED multicolored shower light.......not on my list!

this is ugly, right?
on PINTEREST, this bathroom got 518 repins and 68 likes!!!
and i'm not kidding, here is what a fan wrote,
" I love this! My husband would just die if he came home to this bathroom.".......

i guess i'm just high maintenance.
is there something wrong with me? this is ugly, right?

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