wow, how lucky am i to have found fun customer who is equally excited about design as i am!! well, im actually WAY more obsessed but love that she loves it too...makes work so fun collaborating with each other to figure it all out.
  fun customer has some amazingly beautiful family antiques that she wanted to make fresh and give it new life. so we decided to mix some contemporary and some vibrant colors. sadly the room isn't all the way finished because fun customer decided to "cheat" on her house and have an "affair" with another house (my customer's own words describing it-i love it!). i was actually very excited to hear of the "infidelity"....sad to abandon current project but thrilled to get my hands on the new place. fun customer calls it the "father of the bride" house-and it truely is! cant wait for you to see :))!!
here are the before shots.......

and here are the after!! (minus the oly studio chandelier we are saving for new house!).....(and minus a series of framed intaglios we had origionally planned in place of the mirror.)




the "to die for!" chandelier that was just about to be installed....but will be so happy in its future new house!
see you at the next house!!