my quick trip to Charleston with my sister...a little work and a lotta play, was jam packed with TOTAL fun-thanks to our host, fun cousin Lee! lee picks me up from the airport and before i know it, I'm talking on the phone to his former colleague Naomi and her boyfriend Craig from Southern Charm....then he takes us to a furniture warehouse sale that JD is throwing...got an AWESOME mirror for $10 and drank some Gentry Bourbon from bourbon masters JD and Dan.....and wouldn't you know that every restaurant and bar we hit, we walked in feeling like VIP rockstars!!! so many thanks to fun cousin lee (because he knows EVERYBODY and everyone LOVES him!) DARLING OYSTER BAR , HALLS CHOP HOUSE  AND SERMETS!!!!

I LOVE THIS TOWN and every singe pretty house in it!!!!


THANK YOU FUN COUSIN LEE!!!!!! you want to hang with fun cousin lee too? come buy a house from him and he'll take you out for the night of your life!